BREAKING: Cristiano Ronaldo LEAVES Manchester United with immediate effect

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Cristiano Ronaldo will leave Manchester United by mutual agreement with immediate effect.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s gone from Manchester United. Manchester United released a statement. They have said this, the club thanks him for his immense contribution across 2 spells at Old Trafford, scoring 145 goals in 346 appearances. Since and wishes him and his family well for the future, everyone at Manchester United remains focused on continuing the team’s progress under Erik ten Hag I’m working together to deliver success on the pitch. Of course, all of this stems from that explosive interview with Piers Morgan when Ronaldo said he has no respect for the manager. United clearly feels enough is enough, and he is gone. Yesterday, Ronaldo turned up unprompted at that news conference for Portugal. And said he’s bulletproof. He’s ironclad following that interview last week, and he also said that his relationship with his man’s united teammate Bruno Fernandez is excellent. Remember, Fernandez walked into the Portugal dressing room, and they looked like an awkward exchange. They’re so, so far trying to beat that down and say no, they were just having a bit of fun. But They all look very awkward and, well, apparently Manchester United since that interview have been working on ways to release Ronaldo from his contract, all sorts of legal implications. We learned last week that United do not accept some of those criticisms. That They were. Now they’re maidens. In the interview he of course says that there’s been no investment in the 13 years since he left Old Trafford, Manchester United and said well actually has been a lot of investment in the facilities, the training ground, the restaurant, the swimming pool and much more, which they feel hasn’t given them credit for. That said, he was also incredibly critical of Erik ten Hag. No respect for him whatsoever, he said. And Erik ten Hag , though, always maintained that Ronaldo was important to Manchester United. Remember Captain. Importance to man’s united. Remember, he made him captain before all of this blew up. He made him captain, which surprised an awful lot of people, Erik ten Hag, trying his best to keep things good right now. They said that he’d been disrespected and not believed when he said that there is an illness with one of his children, and Manchester United have always maintained that we’re know there was. Given time off in preseason to deal with this family matters, and it’s also been confirmed to us here at Sky Sports News that there was a massive offer from Saudi Arabia In the summer for Ronaldo, where she United accepted, but Ronaldo did not want to go. No other official offers for the player in the last transfer window, but of course he now is no longer a Manchester United player. Now, Cristiano Ronaldo has issued a statement, and he has said this.

:-Following conversations with Manchester United, we have mutually agreed to end our contract early. I love Manchester United and I love the fans. That will never ever change.” However, it feels like the right time for me to seek a new challenge. I wish the team every success for the remainder of the season and for the future

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