Russia-Ukraine war: Russia has targeted Ukrainian energy centers in harsh winter

Ukrainians are bracing for the harsh and dark winter. The Russians are accused of weaponizing the winter season.
The fresh cruise missile strikes are continuing to target Ukrainian’s battered electricity grid. On Wednesday, the Russian forces launched 70 cruise missiles on different parts of Ukraine.
The US says Moscow is weaponizing.
The winter season to inflict more damage on Ukraine in a bid to freeze the country into submission. And the effects are telltale. Millions in Ukraine are without power. The energy infrastructure is in tatters. Ukraine is rushing to restore damaged infrastructure. But the problem is Russian missiles keep coming day after day, inflicting more pain for the Ukrainians,

40% of Ukraine’s thermal generation is damaged, 90% of wind power installations as functioning and 50% of its solar energy sources are out of order, all because of relentless Russian strikes. In the past two months, Moscow has changed its tactics and focused its firepower on the energy infrastructure.
Blackouts are the new normal in the water nation. The World Health Organization warns of life-threatening consequences due to the power outages in Kiev. Even water supplies have been badly hit.

People carrying bottles and containers are forced to stand in long queues despite the hardships.
Power is crucial to launches for homes and offices, but also for hospitals. Under power cut, Children’s Hospital in Kiev, where doctors are forced to perform surgeries under trying conditions. International organizations have reported more than 700 attacks on medical facilities in Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

This morning, Moscow continues to occupy the largest nuclear power plant in Ukraine and all of Europe. This is one of the largest threats for Ukraine, as it gets 60% of its energy from nuclear power stations. On Thursday, all three nuclear power plants still under Ukrainian control were reconnected to the electricity grid.

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