Single name on passport ? Indians are not allowed in UAE

Today, on Thursday at around 10:30 am, a new circular has come from the Director General of Indian Consulate in Dubai. Can say new notice has been given on their behalf. Some points have been mentioned clearly in this.

What is that point?

Firstly, this is the rule that this tourist visa visit, visa or new entry permit is for the one who has it.  those people already have residence visa, this rule of the UAE is not applicable for those people. Can say that for those who are coming for new visa, Visit Tourist Visa Entry Permit is for them.

second point that if the people who get on arrival visa from here. Those who get travel visa of the UAE, if they have this problem that they have either first name or last name. It should not be of single word and if their name of father is mentioned or name of family is mentioned on the second page, then they will be allowed to travel

The third point which he cleared is that if your first name in your passport, suppose someone has ratan singh, then it is not a single word, it is ratan singh, even though your surname is empty, but your first name is of two words. Is. Whether it is your surname or not, it should not be a single word. Let’s say that is your first name. It is written in Rohan. But there is no last name as well, and your first name is of a single word. To such people. Entry will not be given. But if you have more than one word, be it in first name or last name, be it in surname, be it anywhere, along with them in the second page if your name? The family is a mansion. So you can travel easily. You will not be stopped, 

this circular has happened to all the travel agents as well. With immigration also matter is clear now Indian Airlines like Air India ,Air India Express Indigo, Spice-jet. If you follow this circular and follow this rule. Now don’t know what will happen tomorrow because UAE are regular updating rules

If you have a single name i.e. single word Ratan or Rahul, then you are facing a problem, you will have to go and talk to immigration, only then you will be given a visa in the UAE.

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